Why Guys Fail at Online Dating | Make Options for Yourself

So here’s a typical guys experience with online dating and why they give up on it quickly.

facing rejection from women

Why don’t all the women just flock to me online?

They set up their profile, pictures and all that fancy stuff. They begin searching what seems like an endless supply of single women. Dating sites make it easy to navigate women (and men) because they want their users to spend a lot of time on there.

Click a picture, view profile and you realize this girls really good at taking default photo because rest of her pics you realize she is a hambeast. Side note: Always judge a woman online based off her worst picture, don’t get caught up in the 3 or 4 other cutesy pics.

Worst case scenario she looks like worst pic in person. Best case scenario, it was just a bad angle or bad lighting or something. A lot of women use the instagram filters and other photo editing stuff even on the ever trendy no makeup pic.

Finally after a dozen or so zeros you find your perfect girl. Cute, witty in her profile. And OMG you even have things in common! If it’s a match-type site like OkCupid you even may have an 88% compatibility.

This is a match made in heaven the guy thinks. Guy crafts a beautiful long message of why you’re compatible and things in common. Common things are a bonus but remember a woman isn’t going to sleep with you just because you enjoy knitting and Nascar too.

She has to be attracted to you. At least like your looks on worst case thinks you’re cute, best case thinks you’re hot. <<= Women are more likely to sleep with a guy via internet or in person with a guy she views as hot rather than cute. But you can make up for it by making her laugh and your personality.

So we got sidetracked there but back to it. You sent her this message why you’re perfect for each other. Then all you have to do is wait for her to respond back.

Oh well that and then you look at her profile again and imagine the great times you’re going to share. You’re perfect together after all right? Man she sure is beautiful. Your mom’s going to love her and your friends are going to be jealous. Then your ex girlfriend, when she sees the 2 of you is going to realize what a great guy she lost.

Day goes by no response. 2 days and still nothing. Stalk her profile again and realize she was on yesterday. Maybe she didn’t have time. Responding to the love of her life can’t be rushed you know.

Finally you realize the fantasy is over & this girl isn’t going to respond back and you go through mini heartbreak. She should have responded back to at least say she isn’t interested or at least not right now right?

Wrong! This is some stranger on the internet and she owes you nothing. Just because you imagined your life together doesn’t mean she liked you. Maybe she got back with her psycho ex boyfriend in the last few days. Or maybe *GASP* she didn’t find you attractive.

When she fails to respond to your message, what’s next?

Do you write her a message you were a perfect match and you can’t believe she didn’t get back? Do you send her something cocky like “Your loss babe.” <= I’ve done that =(

Obviously this is dramatized of what goes on but you get my point right. In this case you (or guy in scenario) fell in love or at least lust with a stranger online. Guys go on and become bitter and resent online dating.

The best thing in this fictitious case is to just move on and keep on keepin’ on. You lost the game when falling in lust before ever exchanging messages and worst yet even meeting her.

Was my friend too picky with women online?

This happened when a friend of mine and I were pulling ass online. Our friend Ed signed up for POF. He judged these women practically under a microscope. Chipped toenail or shitty tattoo, no good. Harsh judging, but that’s who he is.

I seen him a week later and asked him how his online dating was going.

Man that POF shit don’t work.

So he told me how he only found 3 girls attractive that were close by. What he did do was message the 3 hottest girls within like 5 miles of him and nothing back. Like that he gave up on dating sites to find sex partners. He does well on Facebook and in bars though so to each his own.

So it can go both ways. Don’t put your standards at an albatross level and don’t fall in love with a profile prematurely. Be sure to give yourself multiple options with women online, not just a few.


Want to Get Laid Fast Online? Here’s the Real Deal!

sexy naked blonde

Are there women online looking for just sex?

I only feel it’s fair to warn you if you’re trying to get laid tonight over the internet it can get ugly. Getting same night lays is never pretty.

You are going to have to be forward and aggressive. When you come at a woman in a quick aggressive sexual nature, you will get some shit back from them. Most won’t respond and some will be downright rude to you. Never mind them we are looking for women who isn’t too serious and fun. That and horny too.

If you get a rude response back don’t take it too seriously. It’s not their fault. They are getting a message from a guy looking to bang based off their pics alone. Average to attractive women get a lot of messages daily in their inbox. Yours will be just another on top of the rest of horny guys out there.

The key is messaging the women “Online now” first. And it’s more of a guessing game of finding a woman who’s horny right then and there. And then if she’s close to you, can you have her to your place etc.

If you can’t spring the cash for a motel room or need go to her place your chances of getting laid quickly are going to dwindle. Honestly if you’re a super attractive guy you will have better chances. You have to message girls in your own league looks wise or slightly lower.

Messages to send women to get laid online.

  • Hey you’re cute! Want to drink some hard liquor and fuck while watching two tigers fuck/fight for dominancy?
  • Nice pic. Wanna fuck?
  • You got a purty mouth. (Pretty is misspelled here on purpose to give it the redneck vibe)
  • You look like you wear sexy panties
  • 7/10 Would Bang

One I read on a forum somewhere was “8/10 would pollinate” or “8/10 Would bang”

I used these but found it works better with “7/10 would bang”. I lower the rating down a notch and go off just their profile pictures. If they respond favorably then I check profile and go from there. Sometimes you can see they’re nuts or on some bad medication so better off not getting that in your life.

Also would pollinate is good but confuses some. These women are not the sharpest tools in the shed with brightest sense of humor. Although when you start searching and getting some luck you can find a diamond in the rough. I just go with would bang to make it simple to understand.

I also wouldn’t go lower than calling them 7 because 6 and lower falls into ugly territory. You’re trying to have no strings sex after all, not accurately rate some woman on the internet.

Another spinoff I came up with is “7/10 Would play just the tip.” Again not all females know what just the tip is so it’s meant for women with sense of humor and iq higher than messages they get daily.

These are are extreme mode lines for scoring action on the internet.

If you care the least bit about getting rejected or creeping some girl out then do not use these lines.

get laid online

There is no sex button to get laid, it takes balls of steel… and luck.

You will get a lot of no replies and probably blocked by them. This is fine because we don’t want to message them again after these humdinger lines.

Women will also be mean to you calling you ugly, a creep and loser. Again this mode of sexual messaging to score some quick ass takes thick skin. You’re just another typical guy trying to get them to drop their panties… Although doing it in a fun & sexual way.

If you can’t take the abuse from a stranger and move on then do not do this. Stick with the interesting route of messaging women like “What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse?”

When doing this extreme way of getting laid, speed is key. Within 2 or 3 messages after her first response get her number and call her right away.

Set up the meet whether at bar/coffee shop or somewhere public even if sex is pretty much implied. You will be able to tell within a few minutes if the sexual vibe is there or not.  Meeting in public is safer than going to her place or her coming straight to yours. She may be psycho after all or one of you may not be interested once meeting in person.

You have to be able to meet right away. A few days later has worked for me but sometimes they change their mind and move on. Also you are catching them when they are horny.

Hope you guys can use these tactics to go out there and get laid with them. Remember safe sex is key especially in meeting up quickly with a random for no strings sex.

Double Standards of Online Dating | Women Have Far More Options

women get more messages online

Women have more options on internet dating sites.

Any guy who has spent any time on a dating site quickly learns he has to message women if he has any chance.

If you’ve ever set up a recon profile (fake women profile) you notice the mass amounts of messages she gets. Even average or slightly below average looking women get their inboxes flooded. That and with a boring lame profile riddled with cliches and undesirable traits men want in a woman.

We put effort into our profile, switching up pics. Put some humor in our profile and keep some of the lame/boring things out.

Then the messages, figuring out what to send a girl. Open ended question as to not come across boring and up your chances of her responding back. Then if she responds we have to work with what she gives us.

It may be a generic answer or just “LOL” which doesn’t give us a lot of room to work. So now we know she’s either boring as fuck or just not that in to you but responding out of politeness.

The good news is if you have ever set up a recon profile (If not see an example from a POF profile here) you know these dudes are a bunch of lame brains messaging her. The simple “hi cutie” all the way to “you’re hot, can I take you out sometime?”. All the way to guys typing something stupid followed up with their phone number right off the bat. WTF is that?

So when we’re messaging with a woman and they give us some bullshit back with nothing to work with “That’s funny” or “Aweeee!” it’s the same as a guy messaging “Hi”.

There is really no double standard in online dating.

It’s a matter of supply and demand. If I could sign up and have 100 or so horny women messaging me I would be set.

But on the internet that’s not the case. Women have far more supply of men messaging them compared to the messages we get on a weekly basis.

If we dig sown a little deeper I can say I respond back to about 1/3 women who message me. Usually it’s just a couple a week and women I’m not physically attracted to.

It’s pretty much the same as us guys do when we start getting cocky with our online prowess after some success. We shoot out of our league to hotter girls. Sometimes it works. That’s why some warpig will have the nerve to message you. Don’t get mad, just delete and move on if not interested.

An overweight unattractive woman has a better shot of landing a hot guy than an unfit guy does of landing a 9 or a 10. Not saying it doesn’t happen but that’s the reality.

So remember it’s not double standard but case of supply and demand for women online.

I won’t lie and say it doesn’t kill me a little on the inside when I reply back to a woman a woman messages me something like “Hi I’m Amanda” or “Your profile had me cracking up”. If I’m attracted and she seems the least bit interesting I will respond back.

While you won’t be attracted to most women who message you, you can find some pretty friendly women online. Some of my best, most loyal fuck buddies are women that have messaged me first.

Remember if a woman sends the first message she has made up her mind and put you in the “will probably sleep with him category”. It’s your job to keep things moving along and not fuck it up.

Girl Not Texting Back? 3 Ways to get Her to Text Back

A lot of guys go out of their way to text women and often text too often. Thing you need to keep in mind is there are really 3 reasons for a man to text a woman he newly met.

  • A follow up after getting her number.
  • To keep her on your mind or not make her feel like a slut if you had sex.
  • If the relationship isn’t sexual to ramp it up as more playful leading to sexual.

The easiest way to get a woman to text back is to make sure your first interaction was a good one.

1. If you met her online, sent a few messages then got her number you should start out with a short >15 minute phone call. Make that interaction interesting and be sure to not let it go on for hours. You’re a busy guy & have stuff to do so cut it off first. Leave her wanting more.

Same thing if you met her at a bar/club or even the grocery store. If your first interaction was fun and interesting she’s going to want to talk to you/see you again.

2. Now when you’re texting her be sure to end initial text with a question. Most guys tend to send statements and doesn’t give the other person anywhere to continue the conversation besides “LOL”.

Text her something cute, flirty or funny but just include a question or even opinion to make her want to text you back.

3. Don’t be so freaking need or gabby during texts. That also means not texting too often. Also keep in mind no text really needs to be responded to right away. And they all certainly don’t need to be replied to.

Same like I said when you text message a woman, a question will give her opportunity to text back. If she doesn’t give you a reason to respond back, don’t if you don’t want to. This will get her head spinning as to why you’re not responding to her text.

If you’re busy then so be it. People gravitate towards what they can’t have. It’s the challenge aspect. If you’re available and answering all her texts and forwarded pics/jokes you appear too available.